You absolutely do! By some estimates, more than 50% of web searches are initiated on mobile devices – smart phones and tablets – which have very small screens. Traditional, non-responsive websites do not display well on tiny screens. Either the majority of the site is not displayed at all, or if it is the text is far too small to read. Mobile users don’t struggle to deal with nonresponsive, non-mobile ready sites. They just move on to the next result. Can you afford to have half of your customers miss your site entirely?

Responsive and mobile friendly website design makes sure that your site looks just as good – and has all the same utility – on an iPhone screen as it does on a PC or laptop. It makes sure that visitors can see and buy your goods and services no matter where they are or what they are doing. This is not ‘the wave of the future’. Mobile ready website design is already the standard which your customers demand. If you don’t give it to them, they will shop elsewhere. In fact, they probably already are.

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