Many designers believe that following the trends is an important part of their profession. Being up-to-date with the industry trends helps designers communicate with their target audiences more easily. But there are other reasons to follow web design trends. Namely, tagging someone’s work as “old” can even be taken as an insult, which makes the entire project less successful.

In the last couple of years, many designers have been trying to move away from simple compositions. It seems that open-styled and cut compositions became popular, while the previously worshiped grid has completely lost its importance.

One thing is for sure. Web design is constantly evolving. Something that looked good yesterday can seem old tomorrow. Trends that were once dismissed are suddenly very fresh and happening.

In order to help you catch up with all the changes, we created a list of top web design trends you should keep your eye on in 2017!

1. Web Design Trend: Illustration

web design Sheffield UK 2017There has been an increase in a number of companies hiring illustrators and graphic artists to create original illustrations for their websites.

Years of minimalism and flat design have created the need for something more personal and unique.


2. Brighter colors

web design in Sheffield ukBright and bold colors became a natural answer to a more personal approach in web design trends.

As movements such as minimalism became more popular in 2017, bright colors were the next logical step.


3. Duotone

web agency sheffieldTry to play a bit.

These two-tone color schemes just look cool.

Check the example from Australian Design Radio and see just how contemporary it looks!



4. More animation

As designers are getting more and more tools to help them build engaging animations, there is little or no chance that animation is going anywhere in 2017. Building animations has become one of the ways to find your brand voice. Content creators are especially interested in animation as it helps them set the tone they are looking for as the part of the branding.

Why Use Video?! from Toby Presson on Vimeo.

5. Overlapping text and images

Text that overlaps featured images is one of the top web design trends for portfolios and blogs.

6. Bold type

More and more websites feature BIG and resonant copy sets that are just as bold as the statement itself!

It all makes sense because, if the average visitor spends between 3-5 seconds to decide whether to stay on that website page, you better draw their attention with a good copy and big letters.

7. Virtual reality

Sure, the web is already kind of a virtual reality. However, VR is definitely going to influence the web in 2017. Even if browsers aren’t ready to support it, virtual reality is expected to be one of the top web design trends to watch for this year.

8. Combining horizontal and vertical text

Placing text vertically on a page instead of using the usual horizontal alignment is rather refreshing! There is no need for further analysis, you can look for yourself.

web development sheffiled

9. Modular design

Although animation and virtual reality are developing into trends, modular design is going to stick around in 2017. Modular design is one of the best ways to make a clean website that still keeps visitors engaged.

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10. Asymmetry

Symmetry was broken in 2016 after a long time of ruling the world of web design. Now many designers create asymmetric layouts that are not perfectly balanced on the right and left sides.


There are many new and exciting prospects in 2017, but there are some old trends that will only continue their reign in this year.

Animation and virtual reality, for example, are some of the newest trends that will be continued in 2017. Bright colors and bold typography will be strong allies in the mission of making your website more unique, innovative and finally, more engaging than ever!

And don’t forget to experiment with text, especially horizontal and vertical text and overlapping text and image.