The techniques of marketing have come a long way from the days of traditional marketing. Today, online marketing is becoming the epicentre of marketing activities. Companies are using techniques such as SEO marketing, outreach marketing, animation marketing and social media marketing in their marketing mix. The most underutilized, though with a tremendous potential, is animation video marketing. With the advance of technology and a few talented designers offering some great solutions, many companies can use animation marketing services in England without necessarily expanding their marketing budget. There is no reason you should not attempt to boost your sales by using animation videos for your marketing, but if you are still giving it second thoughts let’s give you some reasons that may clear your perspective.

1) Spread The Word


All of us know the potential of viral marketing; the shares, the likes, and the retweets can do wonders to brand image development and brand reach of a business. In fact, other forms of marketing can take years to achieve what a viral marketing strategy can achieve in days or weeks. The animated videos explain the services and products of your company in a short crisp manner as opposed to long normal videos. The use of animation for marketing can lend an edge to the marketing efforts of your company. Although there is no recipe for creating an animated video that will go viral there is certainly a good animation marketer in England that can design videos in line with your requirements. They can create some things that are engaging and informative at the same time and who knows your video may the next viral video with maximum views.

2) Increased Conversion Rates


The prime goal of any marketing effort is to get more sales. The number of visitors on your website never relates directly to your sales but the amount of time they spend on your website does affect the sales figures. Research shows that animation marketing makes people stay on your website more than 2 minutes and can increase the conversion rates by nearly 60%. By using animation for marketing you lead a prospective customer to your website via a video rather than surfing through many websites. Animation marketing gives you a chance to grab their attention towards your products or services and explain your competitive edges in an entertaining manner. This leads to the customers subconsciously favouring your products or services. Thus, by using animation marketing you can communicate your message in a condensed and timesaving manner.

3) Search Engine Optimization


For every keyword there are hundreds of companies competing to get higher rankings but if at the same time you consider how many videos with your keywords are present, it is evidently clear that getting a higher ranking via a video is easily possible. Let us take this one step further and consider how many animated videos are out there with the same keywords, very few. By using a decent animation marketing service in England your video can be among the top ranked videos with your keywords. YouTube has a whopping 4 billion videos views each day and is ranked third most popular website in the UK, so it is very tough to ignore the importance of YouTube presence. With Google owning YouTube it is obvious that Google wants to direct traffic to its own website, The Google algorithms are likely to improve your websites ranking with YouTube presence and views.

4) Focus Your Message With Animation Marketing


Animated videos allow you to develop a more focused message pertaining to your product or services. It lets different viewers correlate themselves and psychologically make their own implications with the same videos. Everyone is free to make his or her own story from the same content. This helps you reach all of your target markets.

5) Association


All of have grown up watching cartoons. By using animated videos marketers can invoke a positive response and side step the heaviness of life. The viewers are automatically emotionally attached to your video content as it relates to carefree days of early life.



By using animation for marketing you can provide an overall edge to your marketing campaigns. It is the right time to use animated videos and let users associate your brands with animated videos. Be a pioneer because after a few years even this space will be saturated. There are some excellent animation marketers in England who can provide you with cost-effective solutions and help you boost your marketing campaigns. So there absolutely no reason you should not ride the wave of animated videos marketing.